4 Must-Have Features For Your Construction Restroom Trailer

While many construction sites simply use a portable toilet, a construction restroom trailer is a better and more convenient way to care for your workers and improve employee morale. Construction restroom trailers can be moved around your construction site as needed. They should also be fully equipped with all the required amenities, such as sinks and showers. You might think that a standard portable toilet is enough. Still, there are several amenities you definitely want your trailer to have. 

1. Running Water

A construction restroom trailer has running water for flushing toilets, washing hands, and even taking showers. This means your workers can enjoy a more sanitary and comfortable experience than using a portable toilet that relies on chemicals and hand sanitizer.

Running water can be highly effective in halting the transmission of harmful bacteria and illnesses. This is especially important at construction sites where dust, grime, and other debris are commonplace.

2. Showers

Shower trailers are typically a separate unit. Once it is set up, your workers will have an enclosed space that is not much different from the shower they have at home and provides them with total privacy. A hot shower relieves tension and can help keep your workers safe because it eliminates harmful bacteria and pathogens they might have been exposed to.

3. Electricity

The trailer should hook up to a power source or come with its own power source so the workers have access to lighting and can see what they're doing. 

4. Air Conditioning and Heating 

A construction restroom trailer has climate control features that allow you to adjust the temperature according to the weather. This means that your workers and visitors can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which can boost their morale and productivity.

On the hottest days, simply getting out of the heat for a brief period can make a big difference. You also don't want to enter a hot and smelly trailer when you have to use the bathroom. Air conditioning and heating also help prevent heat exhaustion, dehydration, frostbite, and hypothermia, serious health risks for people working outdoors. 

A construction restroom trailer is more than just a place to relieve yourself. It is a place where your workers and visitors can feel comfortable, clean, and confident. By choosing a construction restroom trailer for your project, you are showing that you care about the well-being of your people and the quality of your work.

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