4 Tips To Keep Your Porta-Potty Rentals From Smelling

One of the biggest concerns event organizers and hosts have when using portable potty rentals is how to control the odor. This is a common problem since toilets are used by many users during weddings or parties. If you are skeptical about bringing toilets to your event because the smell may spoil the event's atmosphere, this piece will address your fears. The following are tips to ensure odor control when renting porta potties. 

1. Clean and Sanitize the Porta-Potty Before Use

Reputable rental agencies understand your concern about smelly toilets. They may recommend cleaning and disinfecting the toilets and waste tanks before use. Adding relevant chemicals into the waste tank aids in breaking down the waste to control the smell. This greatly minimizes foul odors. You could also order chemical toilets that come with already installed chemical dispensers to reduce odors. 

2. Avoid Overfilling the Waste Tank

Depending on the number of users visiting the toilets, you might want to keep checking the waste tanks. A full tank will always have unpleasant odors, which might ruin your event. Therefore, ask the porta potty rental company to provide enough units for your event. This will ensure that each unit is used by a reasonable number of users during the event to prevent bad odor.

3. Proper Cleaning and Maintenance 

It is vital to keep the seal of your porta potties clean. The bottom of the toilet might collect waste that slowly decays, emitting bad smells. Professionals may provide cleaning services or guide your cleaners in maintaining the facilities. They recommend using superior cleaning products to eliminate waste and deodorize surfaces, leaving the interior space spotlessly clean and odorless. 

4. Keep the Doors Open 

Consider keeping the doors open when the toilets aren't in use to allow sufficient aeration. Some porta potties come with ventilation systems to keep the facilities fresh. They work better when it's windy outside because the air helps draw the odors. You might also want to set the toilets under shades, away from the sun. Cooler conditions slow down bacterial activity, which might help keep the odors at a minimum. 

These tips can help control odor when using portable potty rentals. A little effort goes a long way to ensuring your guests have enough clean rental units during your event. Contact the leading toilet rental companies for more information about your pain points before placing your order. Remember to hire reliable cleaners to keep your toilets clean throughout your events. For more information, contact a company like Portable Services Inc.