What Makes A Modern Portable Toilet Rental So Special?

A portable toilet rental used to be a simple plastic box with a hole in the ground. But times have changed, and so have portable toilets.

Nowadays, modern portable toilets come equipped with all kinds of features that make them much more comfortable for users. Here's a closer look at what makes modern portable toilet rentals so special.

The Basics

Modern portable toilets come with all the basics you would expect from any standard bathroom, including running water, flushable toilets, and handwashing stations. These are important features because they help keep your guests clean and comfortable while using the restroom.

The water is also great for helping to keep the area around the toilet clean and sanitary. You can also opt for features like deodorizing systems to help keep the area smelling fresh as well.

Handwashing stations are another important feature of modern portable toilets. These stations can help prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone on your premises safe. They feature warm water, soap, and disposable towels for efficient cleaning.

Comfort Features

In addition to these basic necessities, modern portable toilets are equipped with unique comfort features. For example, many of them now have climate control options such as air conditioning or heaters that can be adjusted to create the perfect temperature inside the restroom. The temperature should be comfortable enough to make using the restroom an enjoyable experience.

Other models might include adjustable lighting or even music! These features are great for creating an enjoyable experience for your guests while helping to reduce any unpleasant odors in the air. Plus, it can help create a calming atmosphere that will make your guests feel more relaxed.

Modern portable toilets also come with other features, such as a mirrored interior for guests to check their appearance, coat hangers for hanging jackets and bags, and even USB power ports. These features can help make the experience of using the restroom much more enjoyable and convenient.

Hygiene Features

Modern portable toilets also come with several hygiene-focused features that make them much safer and more sanitary than their predecessors.

For example, many models now come equipped with sensors that detect when someone uses the sink and automatically dispense soap or hand sanitizer accordingly. This helps eliminate cross-contamination between users and keeps everyone safe from germs and bacteria.

Some models even feature UV lights that help disinfect the air inside the restroom after each use. These lights will kill any lingering germs and bacteria in the air, helping to keep everyone safe and healthy. And because they're automatic, you don't have to worry about manually cleaning.

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