3 Reasons to Add Portable Toilets to Your Public Space

Are you an administrator of a public space like a local park or outdoor event venue? If you are looking for ways to improve the on-site experience for everyone who passes through, one key area you might want to take a look at is the bathroom situation on your property. An outdoor gathering space without any place for people to relieve themselves can become a problem in a hurry. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider porta potty rentals for your outdoor space.

Cheaper than Installing an Indoor Restroom

If you are in charge of public property, you likely know that you have a set budget you have to meet each and every year. While you may want to install an indoor restroom on your property, actually having the money for this expenditure in your budget may be another thing entirely. If you know that there will be an influx of people on your property during a specific time of year, you can at least rent a few portable toilets in order to make the situation more comfortable without hurting your organization's bank account.

Attract More Events

Are you looking to attract more youth sports leagues to your outdoor space? Perhaps you want to set up a local music festival for smaller, independent artists? Whatever your plan is for bringing additional people onto your property, it's clear you will have a better chance of booking events like these if your property has the right amenities to keep people comfortable. No one wants to sit through their kid's baseball or soccer game for two hours while trying to hold it all in. With porta potty rentals, you'll only have to actually rent them during the weekend on whichever day people will be present.

No Messes to Clean Up

Your public space likely has a no-littering policy in place, but when people are on site and suddenly discover there is no place to go to the bathroom, you might find yourself having to clean up a whole different kind of mess. By keeping portable toilets on site, you will encourage good behavior from your guests when they need to go, and your janitorial staff will likely thank you for the assist.

If you are in charge of any kind of public space that is used as a park or as a venue for events, make sure the people that pass through your space can be comfortable while attending those events. Contact a porta potty company today for more information.