Septic Tank Services You May Need In Your New Home

When you buy a home with a septic tank, it's a good idea to have the tank inspected, pumped, and cleaned so you start fresh. This alerts you to any problems. If you have the inspection done before you close on the house, it might save you from buying a home with a septic system that needs major repairs. One advantage of hiring a contractor right away is that you have someone to turn to if you have problems, and as a customer, you may get timely reminders when it is time to pump the tank again. Here are some of the services your contractor may provide.

Tank Location And Uncovering

Septic tanks are buried under the ground so it is easy to forget where they are. If you don't know the exact location of the tank, the contractor can find it by pushing a metal rod into the ground and feeling for it. Once it's found, the grass and earth is dug away to uncover the lid. Your contractor may advise installing a riser or some other marker that makes it easier to find the tank in the future.

Tank Pumping And Cleaning

You can have the contractor pump the tank if it needs it, or you can just have the level measured so you know where you stand. A septic tank is pumped when the level of sludge on the bottom or the level of scum on top reach a certain thickness. Those two layers are separated by a layer of water between them. If either of those layers in the tank gets too thick, they might drain through the outlet which is located in the middle of the tank where the water is held.

To pump and clean the tank, the contractor stirs the contents to get the sludge off the bottom and then vacuums it into a truck to be disposed of off your property.

System Inspection And Maintenance

When the tank is being cleaned, it is also inspected. Since a tank only needs to be cleaned every few years, it's a good idea to change parts when they get worn so you don't have to pay for an additional service call. Parts that may need changing or cleaned are the screens and baffles. In addition, the contractor may check water flow through the drains just to ensure there are no clogs or pipe problems on either side of the tank.

Drainfield Inspection And Repair

If your septic system is very old, or if it has been neglected in the past, the drainfield may fail. The solution for this is usually to install a new field in another location. Your contractor can inspect the field and recommend the best solution for dealing with problems if they arise.

Hopefully, the septic system in your new home will be free from problems and you'll only need to see your contractor every few years for a scheduled cleaning of the tank. However, if your drains become slow or you notice a sewer odor in your yard, your system should be inspected, such as by Mr Bob, to find the source of the problem.