How To Reduce Foul Porta Potty Odors

If you need to rent a portable toilet for your next party or if you must install one temporarily due to the needs of a home remodeling project, then you may be a bit concerned about the smell of the toilet. Portable toilets rarely smell good, but there are a few things that you can do to make sure the potty does not smell nearly as foul as it could.

Choose The Deodorizer Carefully

Portable toilets are filled with a chemical fluid that sits in the waste deposit tank. These fluids are typically blue or green, and they break down the waste and the toilet paper so they can be disposed of easily. Some chemicals are made with formaldehyde, while others are composed of a more environmentally friendly waste decomposing material. The chemicals that are used will typically smell. 

To reduce the chemical odor coming from the toilet and to also reduce the odor of the waste itself, a deodorizer is typically added to the waste container. Most deodorizers are a pine-based. However, this may produce the common porta potty smell that you do not like. If this is the case, then speak with the porta potty rental company and ask for a different kind of deodorizer. Citrus, vanilla, and cherry are common options, so pick one of these. 

Once you pick the scent that you like best, make sure that you keep vents within the potty itself open. This can help to keep the smell of the deodorizer from building in the potty and smelling strong. Also, the venting will reduce the heat that builds in the potty and aids in the creation of a sickly scent. 

Ask For A Prompt Clean Out

If you need a potty for a party, then you can simply rent it and have it delivered a few days in advance of the festivities. Make sure not to use the potty except when the party is going on. Also, ask that the potty be removed the day immediately after the party. This is wise to reduce odor concerns.

If you need the potty for several weeks, then you should schedule regular clean-outs while the potty is being used. You will typically want to potty emptied at least once every three to four days. If you feel like this is too expensive, then ask the rental company for a deodorizer booster that can be dumped directly into the tank. 

If you feel that odors are still too strong, even if you arrange for regular tank cleaning, then speak with your rental company about delivering a new potty to your home once a week. The old one can then be removed from your property and emptied offsite. 

For more information and options, visit a website, like, or contact a sanitation specialist.