Three Simple Reasons To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

Septic tank pumping is an important part of keeping your septic system operating efficiently and preventing a plumbing issue in your home. Do you know when it's time to have your tank pumped? The average homeowner looks for some catastrophic event, such as a plumbing backup or pooling water, to determine when it's time to have this service performed. However, there are a number of practical scenarios that you don't want to overlook as well.

Landscaping Concerns

Most homeowners mask the pipes and lines that travel through the drain field with grass or other landscaping additions. When you start to see these growths experience health concerns, such as discoloration or even dying, more than likely there is an issue with the septic system behind this problem.

When the septic tank is overloaded, waste water can start to leak out around the drain field. When the bacteria from the waste water leak comes in contact with the grass or other growths, these health issues arise. If you're experiencing this issue, this is often an indication that the tank needs to be pumped.  

Hosting A Large Event

Your septic tank is designed to accommodate a certain level of waste. When you have more people in your home, this also means more people flushing the toilet and contributing to the waste load. If you haven't had your tank pumped in a while, it's best to do so before hosting a large event.

If a tank is already full, inviting twenty-five people to your home who will be using your toilets will only lead to an increased risk for overfilling. The less waste in the tank before the event, the lower the risk.

Slower Draining

Keep an eye out for slow draining issues. For instance, when washing your hands does the water flow right down the drain or does it pool in the sink and take several minutes to drain out? If the latter is true, this could be a sign that the tank needs to be pumped.

When the septic tank is too full, this slows down the rate at which water is able to flow through the tank and away, resulting in slow draining all around your home. Generally, by the time you're experiencing this issue in your home, your septic tank has been long overdue for a pumping.

Make sure you are keeping septic tank pumping a priority in your home for the best results.For more information, contact professionals like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc.